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Drug Addiction and Children Part 4
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This is the final article in a 4 part article series on kids and drugs. Drug addiction is a serious affliction and the sooner it can be recognized and a drug rehab program is utilized, the better chance the individual will have of living a happy, healthy and successful life.

How To Approach Your Child

Unfortunately, surveys have proven that most parents wish to say nothing when suspicions arise, hoping that their child is simply going through a phase. An overwhelming fear of losing their child to something they don’t understand and are unable to control seems to paralyze many parents in their suffering. Only after something serious has happened such as an overdose or arrest do many parents accept that there is a problem and hopefully by that time it’s not to late to do something about it.

Because of this, it is encouraged that you not think of your child’s drug use as a disease. What they are doing is attempting to solve their problems or deal with feelings of inadequacy. Problems such as learning difficulties, feeling socially inept, feeling alone or afraid are often catalysts for drug abuse. These problems can be dealt with and overcome without burdening your child with the idea that they are suffering from an incurable disease. Taking drugs is a coping mechanism used to mask or avoid problems. Unfortunately, it simply makes the problems worse and creates more.

It is important to approach your child with love and respect when addressing the issue of drug abuse and addiction. Treating your kid like an adult and remaining calm engenders trust between you. Positive communication is vital and this communication must start as soon as you realize there is a problem. Children can be extremely stubborn which is why it is so important to stand by your kid, remain understanding and try to help while at the same time remaining firm.

Don’t let your child convince you that they can quit whenever they want or that it is an isolated incident. This is a tactic that has been tried on many parents and when falling for it, the consequences can be devastating.

Only by staying close can a family come to terms with addiction and hopefully avoid it. It may take one of the many successful drug rehab programs available but family unity is most important factor if the destructive cycle of drugs is to be broken.

If your child is struggling with addiction a drug rehab treatment center may be the answer. Getting help at the first signs of trouble can save their lives.


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