Finding Residential Drug Rehab Centers Part 4
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Finding the right residential drug rehab can be an overwhelming and scary decision, and it’s most certainly a hard choice for those who have had their lives adversely affected by drugs. Inpatient drug rehab centers provide vital support and care for drug addicts in need of treatment, so making the right choice is crucial to the success and strength of the individual’s recovery.

Questions You Should Ask | Drug Rehab Centers

Always consult with a drug rehab facility first. Visit the center if possible, or find out as much information as possible via telephone. Telephone queries are normally handled confidentially. This call is important because you can gain valuable insight about the center, what it offers, and if it is suited to you or your loved one’s needs.

The Facility:
  • Ask for information regarding staff credentials, and find out if the drug rehab is accredited.
  • Is the drug rehab facility well organized and hygienic?
  • What is the success rate, and how is this measured?
  • What is the drug rehab center’s primary philosophy for residential drug rehabilitation?
  • Is there a detoxification program, and if so, what type?
  • Is the program based on the 12 Step principles or a more modern approach?
  • Does the program mask addiction to street drugs with medication as part of its treatment?
  • How long is in patient drug rehab likely to last?
  • Are the individual’s other needs taken into account (i.e., psychological, social, vocational, legal, etc.)?
  • Is adapted treatment offered dependent upon, and in respect of, an individual’s age, gender, religious beliefs, sexual persuasion, and physical or mental disabilities?
  • Is long-term aftercare support encouraged and provided?
  • Is ongoing patient monitoring provided to prevent relapse?
  • Are family members supported to ensure they understand addiction, and are in a position to help with the recovery process?
The Cost:
  • What is the cost of the rehabilitation program?
  • Is the price all-inclusive? Make sure there are no hidden costs.
  • Do the drug rehab centers you are looking at accept insurance? If not, does it offer payment facilities or provide financial help in any way?

Finding Residential Drug Rehab Part 3
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Finding the right residential drug rehab can be an overwhelming and scary decision, and it’s most certainly a hard choice for those who have had their lives adversely affected by drugs. Inpatient drug rehab centers provide vital support and care for drug addicts in need of treatment, so making the right choice is crucial to the success and strength of the individual’s recovery.

Types of Treatment | Residential Drug Rehab

There has always been a huge debate over which drug treatment programs are more successful. Treatments stem from vastly differing philosophies, and it is here where the conflict lies. What works for one individual may not work for another, and only by working with a specialist will a patient be able to determine how best to tackle his addiction.

Chemical withdrawal is something the addict will have to face if he is to overcome his addiction. Some treatments rely on the use of other drugs to ease withdrawal symptoms, though this method is not right for everyone. Be sure to listen to the advice of the center’s staff; they have been through it before – many of them personally – and they should understand your concerns.

Other types of treatment rely on voluntarily outpatient treatment, which means living and working in a normal way, but with support provided in the form of individual counseling sessions and group classes. Stress is the main factor that triggers a relapse; so learning to cope with this is vital. Twelve Step programs, such as Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.), provide such services.

Finally, there are some types of drug rehab that also attempt to address the underlying factors that can cause addiction, such as divorce, alienation, unemployment, mental illness, or living in a community where drug use is prevalent.

This holistic residential drug rehab approach to drug rehab provides addicts with new job skills, life skills, and time to remove themselves from harmful external influences. Such programs often allow patients to stay for a period of time, until they have the confidence and tools to function independently and happily without the need to return to drugs.

Finding Drug Addiction Treatment
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A quick search of the Internet or Yellow Pages will highlight just how many choices there are when it comes to drug rehabs. Choosing could be tricky, so be sure to look for the three common points of all successful drug rehab programs – detoxification, therapy, and integration.

The type of treatment that’s best for a certain individual will depend largely upon the addiction, the personality type, the addict’s degree of dependence, and his social situation. Some centers specialize in specific addictions and others are more general, although one may not be any better than another.

The first thing to decide is whether the individual requires residential treatment or outpatient treatment. Residential treatment is more intense and strict in how the addiction is handled, but it will allow for the best possible care night and day. Outpatient treatment may only be successful for a person who doesn’t use daily and still has a job, a good family life, etc. In other words, drugs haven’t really ruined his life or relationships yet and he needs a reality check before things get worse. An individual who is actually addicted and not able to control himself or who has experienced consequences as a result of his drug use really has no other option than a residential drug addiction treatment program.

Alcohol Treatment Centers Choices
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Choosing the right alcohol rehabilitation center can be an overwhelming and scary decision, and it’s most certainly a hard choice for those who have had their lives adversely affected by alcohol or drugs. Alcohol treatment centers provide vital support and care for alcoholics in need of treatment, so making the right choice is crucial to the success and strength of the individual’s recovery.

Deciding that you or someone you love needs alcohol or drug rehabilitation is a tough call. Upon making a decision, finding the right facility should be as quick and stress-free as possible. Keep in mind, the 24 to 48 hour period from making that decision, to going out and actually getting help, is the most crucial, if success is to be achieved. Decisions need to be implemented based on solid information. In subsequent articles I will describe the options to consider, and the questions that must be asked in order to make that decision.

It is important to find a treatment center that has professional skills and support systems in place that can deal with alcoholism and addiction. A good alcohol rehab facility will build on an individual’s strengths and provide support without judgment or blame. It should guide the individual towards personal responsibility. It should include a detoxification and a therapy program, and it should enhance a person’s self-confidence to a point where it is possible to integrate back into society and a happy drug and alcohol free individual.

California Alcohol Rehabilitation Information
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California alcohol rehabilitation is answering the public outcry for help in the fight against alcoholism and drug abuse. Alcohol treatment is becoming more and more necessary in order for the alcoholic to obtain lifetime sobriety. Drinking is extremely easy and socially acceptable in America today which makes it easy for many alcoholics to have their drinking problems go undetected. Unfortunately, many times the only thing that brings alcoholism to light is something serious or life threatening such as a drunk driving wreck or a severe health problem.

Getting an alcoholic to accept help and into treatment can be difficult and possibly an intervention may be required. Interventions allow family members to come from a place of love and concern while the Interventionist does the tough talking and acts as a ballast for the high emotions of this type of confrontation. Once the alcoholic is in treatment, trained counselors are able to work with them and help them to realize why they need to recover from alcoholism, the damage it is causing and how their lives will improve immeasurably without alcohol. Once the alcoholic is on their way to recovery, they begin to see that they have a better life within their grasp and really begin to apply themselves to the process. It is an amazing transformation to witness.

California alcohol treatment centers work closely with intervention specialists to help reach more people and save more lives. When shopping for a California alcohol rehab, ask a lot of questions about every phase of the program. Treatment is a big step and you want to ensure you are choosing the best facility for your loved one.

California Drug Rehabilitation Natural Treatment
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California holistic drug and alcohol treatment programs are revolutionizing the drug rehab industry. California drug rehab centers are discovering the popularity of holistic treatment because it offers drug addicts and alcoholics an opportunity to recover without having to take drugs to get off drugs. It has become too common over recent decades due to the mindset of the health care industry that if there is something wrong, be it mental, physical, or otherwise, that a person needs to take a prescription drug to get better. On occasion drug and alcohol addiction may be accompanied by a mental condition that requires medication but it is definitely the exception, not the rule.

Holistic drug treatment repairs the individual from head to toe beginning with restoring physical health. Drugs and alcohol are essentially poison to the human body and it is paramount to restore healthy functions early in recovery. Holistic treatment will use detoxification, vitamins, nutrition, and exercise to restore a healthy physical balance for the individual. Once physical health is regained, the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of treatment can be treated.

California drug rehabilitation holistic treatment walks the individual step by step through the issues in their lives that have contributed to their dysfunction and substance abuse. By identifying the root causes of their problems leaves the person with a sense of relief and empowerment, like they are in charge of how they are living for the first time. Life skills are also taught for dealing with any difficulties that may arise. These skills are not anything tricky, just simple tools that can be used to effectively handle any situation. The spiritual aspect of holistic treatment is purely subjective. The only goal is that the addict can identify what fulfills them and gives them a sense of purpose in life.

California drug and alcohol treatment centers are excited about this treatment innovation. It helps a person not only to recover from drug and alcohol addiction, but to reach their full potential in life. If you are considering drug treatment, give this method a chance. The results speak for themselves.

California Drug Treatment Centers Benefits
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California drug treatment centers are an incredible resource when attempting to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. California drug rehab facilities offer the tools and personal help necessary in order to learn how to live without substances.

Most people who become addicted to drugs and alcohol lack the knowledge to effectively confront life and all that life brings. Over years of addiction, they estrange themselves from the human experience. Effective treatment programs help individuals to realize what an amazing and rewarding adventure life is and give them the tools they need to embark on that adventure.

As alluded to above, drug addicts use substances as a coping mechanism. Somewhere during the course of their lives, usually in adolescence, they have something happen that to them seems like too much to handle. At this point in their life they were introduced to substances as a way to cope and at the time it seemed like an amazing tool for dealing with life's difficulties. The result of this scenario is that it becomes an ingrained behavior for dealing with life at all and this is where addiction and daily use come into play.

The goal of drug treatment is to reverse this behavior and mind set. Clients are given a break from life and daily use of drugs or alcohol so that they can learn a new way to live. Once they are detoxed from substances they have a clear head and can learn how to confront life and what tools are effective in dealing with any situation. Once the addict realizes that things aren't as bad as they had thought, they will usually do whatever they can to learn to live without drugs and alcohol.

People recover everyday with the help of good treatment professionals. It is a realistic solution to a problem that has become overwhelming in our society. If you need help, please don't wait any longer.

California Alcohol Rehabilitation Methods
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California alcohol rehabilitation follows various methods that have been tested for years in order to achieve the best results. Modern alcohol treatment started in the 1930's with the invention of the 12 method of recovery. This form of treatment has opened the door for an entirely new industry to sprout up over the past 80 years that can effectively treat alcoholism without hospitalization or admission to a sanitarium.

Since the 1930's, numerous advances have been made in alcohol abuse and a number of different treatment modalities have developed. If one kind doesn't work for you, thankfully, there are many ways to get sober. Some of these methods are mentioned below.

Medicinal Treatment: Medications offer help in suppressing withdrawal symptoms during detoxification. Unfortunately this does not address any treatment, it only gets the alcoholic off alcohol. Individuals who go through medical withdrawal but do not receive any further treatment show alcohol abuse patterns similar to those who were never treated.

Behavioral Treatment: Behavioral treatments help patients participate in the treatment process, change their attitudes and behaviors related to alcohol abuse, and increase healthy life skills. Treatment for alcohol abuse can be delivered in many different settings using a variety of behavioral approaches.

California alcohol rehab's have a lot to offer.  Along with those methods mentioned above, there are many 12 step rehabs that follow traditional methodologies as well as holistic rehab's that offer a completely drug free treatment method using natural methods.  Whatever type of treatment you are looking for can be found.

California Drug Treatment Centers Progressive Methods
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California drug treatment centers are embracing progressive new approach to drug treatment. Holistic medicine is commonly defined as "a system of health care that leads toward optimal attainment of the physical, mental emotional, social and spiritual aspects of health. It emphasizes the need to look at the whole person, including analysis of physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, social, spiritual and lifestyle values. Holistic medicine focuses on education and responsibility for personal efforts to achieve balance and well being."

Holistic treatment is often referred to as alternative medicine or natural healing. All of these terms encompass a practice that is designed to empower the individual and give them the realization that they can have an affect over the direction of their lives and that they are responsible for their actions. This works so well with treating alcohol and drug abuse because the addict tends to have a “why me” attitude and take on the role of a victim. Allowing the individual to use this negative perspective just perpetuates the cycle of using and self degradation. Holistic drug treatment does not accept this attitude and removes it from the addicts universe.

Another benefit of holistic California drug rehab is the ability to recover completely without the use of mood stabilizers or anti-depressants as a maintenance medications. Facilities that use the holistic approach understand that at times medication is necessary, but it is used as a last line of defense. By taking this approach, addicts are spared the thought that they have to be on medication for the rest of their life to be normal. That is an incredible realization to someone who has felt so out of control for so long.

California Drug Rehabilitation Center Options
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California drug rehabilitation centers know that one of the most difficult things a drug addict goes through during treatment is staying and dedicating themselves to the entire program. Withdrawal and cravings are very uncomfortable and overwhelming and it does not end there. Once the drugs are out of the addicts system, they must face the reality of the damage they have done in their lives and to their loved ones.

When selecting a California drug rehab, be sure to inquire about how they keep the clients there in the event they want to leave. Adults admitted into a treatment program are nearly always considered voluntary patients or residents. Even if they are court ordered, there is little the treatment center can do if the person chooses to leave. You will need to ensure that the professionals working with the addict are well trained with helping their clients to remain dedicated, no matter what is going on. Geography is also a significant factor. Sometimes sending the addict far from home can limit their resources and make it difficult if not impossible to leave. Also, giving them only enough money to get the necessities for their stay will limit their ability to acquire a bus or plane ticket.

Minors on the other hand can be admitted and required to stay in a rehab simply based on their parents wishes. Not all states have this type of jurisdiction, but Utah for instance, is one where you as a parent can have your child admitted with or without their consent. It can be very difficult for a parent to do this and you may need to employ a professional to escort your child, but the benefits of stopping drug addiction at an early age are immeasurable.


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