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California Alcohol Rehab Long Term Program
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California Alcohol Rehab

California alcohol rehab has evolved over recent years, breaking away from the rigid parameters of 28 day programs. This allows treatment facilities to engage in longer term treatment with more positive results.

28 day program are better than nothing, but it is far too short a period of time to address all of the issues that led an alcoholic to drink. When an individual has been abusing alcohol for years or sometimes decades, 28 days doesn't offer enough of a respite from the lifestyle. Fortunately, more and more California alcohol rehabilitation programs recognize this and are offering longer term programs.

California alcohol treatment centers that offer long term treatment give the alcoholic the opportunity to completely detox their body from alcohol. This gives them the chance to recognize just how good they will feel when they aren't drinking. Along with sobering up they have time to fully handle the difficult situations in their lives that led them to drink, as well as situations that have been caused by their drinking.

Long term residential drug rehab stays may cost a little more than a 28 day program, but the money saved from purchasing alcohol, court costs from alcohol related offenses and additional treatment makes the price well worth it.


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